My Goals

I like to use this page to personally keep track of myself, and also reflect back on where I’ve been, what I have done, what I have yet to do.  It also serves as a reminder to compare me to me.

I read through my goals that I set for that time, and realized I’ve accomplished a lot in a few years, but still have some work to do.

Things that have been accomplished:

Holy shit you guys, I ran a 50k and trail marathon earlier this year!!!

A sub 2 hour half marathon >> Now I’m moving onto going sub 1:50.

A sub 50 minute 10k (that one really hurt)

A sub 25 minute 5k >> Personal best is currently 22:37. My first 5k was > 36 minutes.

Getting better with my finances (this continues to be a work in progress)

I’ve gotten a lot better with my own personal diet, both out of desire, and necessity – this too, is a work in progress

Things that still need to be done:

Blogging more consistently, or as I continue to enjoy it

I am still very much interested in doing a podcast, to accompany this blog, however I only want to do it if it’s a right fit

A sub 4:30 marathon – I’ve come close, but it just needs to be done. This was done as of June 2018. Now I’m interested in seeing if it is feasible to go sub 4?

One of the aspects I love about this blog is it allows a space on the internet to be very real, to discuss real nutrition issues, running, and other things related to that. I think something that’s really important is monitoring progress, or lack thereof – the ability to make change and grow isn’t something that happens overnight.

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