National Nutrition Month: Go Further with Food

It’s March, and it’s National Nutrition Month (best month ever).

Also Happy RD(N) Day!

Every year there is a theme, and this year it is Go Further with Food.

Part of the theme (which I love) emphasizing reducing you food waste, so I wanted to spend a few minutes on HOW to go further with food.

1.) Monthly clean outs

Each week we clean out our refrigerator, clean up any spills (or sticky spots), and toss anything that is out of date/didn’t get eaten. I also use this as a teachable moment each week to see if I am making more food than I need, and since Pat responds well to budgets/numbers this works with him too. Once a month I also go though our pantry to declutter, and reorganize – and same with the freezer. I use up frozen vegetables in stir fries, or steam them as sides, and frozen fruit usually goes into a smoothie.

2.) Put an egg on it

AKA, eat leftovers. Pat makes fun of me because I am of the firm belief that literally anything in the refrigerator is “breakfast” if you put an egg on it. I have eaten everything from stir fries to braised kale as breakfast – with an egg on top of course. You can do this for lunch or dinner too, depending on your work/life schedule and preferences.

But the moral of this story- don’t waste food- either reduce the size of your recipe, freeze half of what you make, or learn to repurpose your leftovers.

3.) Use your freezer

Seriously, fruits, vegetables, meats, and leftovers can be good in your freezer for MONTHS (depending on the item in question).

If you make extra of something delicious- freeze it if you can’t repurpose it!!!

Then a week or two later it’s less food you have to make for the week, or it saves you a trip to your favorite take-out spot.

4.) Try something new

Look at recipes, find a resource whether it’s my blog, a few pages on instagram, or cooking light, find recipes that incorporate ingredients you’re curious.

Or maybe not even a new food but a new point of view, or new habit with meal prep.

5.) Focus on nutrient providing foods/nutrient rich foods

I have heard several RDs say this and I love it: “You should only have two feelings regarding food- hunger and satiety” food should not make you feel good or feel bad.

That being said, please focus on eating a diet rich in protein, abundant in fat (both of plant and animal sources), and robust in color.

And then, you know what, enjoy your fucking ice cream too, or chocolate, or bourbon.

6.) Plan your meals, and make a list

Each week we do a rough plan, we talk about which days we will be home, and I look at days when I will need to eat breakfast in the car/versus have more time in the morning. We figure out what sounds good, plan our meals, and make our list based off of that.

On Sunday I roast, bake, boil, as much as I possibly can for the entire week.

Our grocery bill has gone up a SMIDGE, but our restaurant/convenience spending has really gone down (and the quality of our food is better too). This is great for making us both feel like we have choices for food each night, and on weeknights we are only reheating or repurposing so the “stove time” is pretty minimal- which is great for a busy week (so literally every week).

7.) Make some food in advance

I have alluded to this multiple times already.

Do you meal prep, bro?

Yep, you got it. Do at least some of your cooking, cutting, etc over the weekend or your day off or WHENEVER works best for you!!

I’d also recommend starting small- I used to just pack lunches and cut fruit, over time it evolved into doing almost EVERYTHING.

Also- an InstantPot helps- and that is not an ad, it’s just truth.

8.) Eat breakfast

And eat it with fat, and protein, and unless you have an egg allergy eat eggs.


March 14 is Registered Dietitian Day, so make sure you high-five an RDN in your life!

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