St. Paddy’s Day

So having lived in Chicago for almost three years I have grown to love and enjoy the serious yet amazingly fun nature of SPD in Chicago.  St. Patricks Day is easily my favorite “holiday” It’s also the day that everyone is SPARTAN because they are wearing green 🙂

It’s pretty big deal here- green river, parades, races, dancing, oh and drinking….

It’s not really a weekend that the RD in me prevails. And that was exceptionally true this year.

It’s also a great weekend for friends to visit and roam around this great city in all green- even in a green boa 🙂

Despite our daily drinking festivities we still managed to take in some fine Chicago fare in terms of food.

St. Practice Day
St. Practice Day

After watching Michigan State put on a disappointing showing in the Big Ten Tourney (did I not mention before I went to MSU and will fight anyone to the death who speaks ill of my school) I decided I needed to eat my feelings. Fortunately the bar we were at was right next door to one of the greatest burger places in the city- and likely in existence: Kuma’s, or more specifically Kuma’s Too. Kuma’s Too is the “sequel” to the original Kuma’s Corner.

Kuma's Too
Kuma’s Too

Both places have the same vibe: meat, metal, and beer.  All burgers are named after famous Metal/Rock bands, and that is the music that is playing- and all of the burgers have metal band namesakes.  Their website always makes me giggle- they are NOT a “sports bar”, nor will they “turn the game on brah”, and the definitely do no have Bud Light etc on tap- they are more “pro-micro brew”- and their staff is pretty adept at making recommendations if you can tell them some different beers you like.  They also have whiskey on tap which is pretty cool too.  But they mean what they on their website, no call aheads, no reservations.  If you have to wait it’s worth the wait- as until this last month the original Kumas had a small ass kitchen and waits for a burger could get up 3+ hours.

I totes recommend the Lair of the Minotaur, the Mastadon (that’s Pat’s favorite), the Led Zeppelin, and of course The Kuma Burger.  They are pictured below.

Kuma’s is definitely an “indulgence”.  What are your favorite indulgences?

Next time I go- and there will be a next time as their new location is so close to my love’s apartment- I keep promising myself that I will order their mac n cheese.

The Lair of the Minotaur
The Lair of the Minotaur
The Original Kuma Burger
The Original Kuma Burger
The Mastadon to the left and Led Zeppelin on the right
The Mastadon to the left and Led Zeppelin on the right

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